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Buffalo Soldier & National Association of Black Military Women Joint Fundraising Campaign

The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) has joined with the Buffalo Soldier Educational and Historical Committee to conduct a fund-raising campaign. 

The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) is an association of women located throughout the country who are veterans or current members of the United States Armed Forces.  It was founded under the former name of "The Black WAAC, WAC, Women in Service."


Mission Statement

To seek out, record, maintain and tell the history and heritage of African-American Military Women who served and are serving in the United States  Armed Forces.


"To Tell HerStory"


"Unsung, Undaunted, Yet Undeterred"


Atlanta Chapter.jpg

National Installation 

Patricia Jackson-Kelley 2.jpg

Patricia Jackson-Kelley

National President

You can support this effort by purchasing: Cathey/Cathay Williams (Female Buffalo Soldier) (unframed) Prints, Buffalo Soldier Stamp (unframed) limited edition signed prints, and the three Bronze Buffalo Soldier Commemorative Coins sets online.


Free while supplies last with each purchase of the Female Buffalo Soldier print purchased you will receive a collector's copy of the July 1992 Buffalo Soldier Monument Dedication Souvenir brochure. $20.00 value. 

Please click on the links below:

Cathay Williams2.jpg

Female Buffalo Soldier (Print)

William Cathey/Cathay Williams

Limited Edition print by William “Bill” Jennings (unframed 16"x22")

Price: $155.00

S&H: 35.00

Total: $190.00

Certificate of Authenticity

thumbnail_BS Stamp Certificate 081315-12
Buffalo Soldier Stamp Print-1.jpg

Buffalo Soldier Stamp (Print)

By Mort Kunstler 

w/1st Day Buffalo Soldier Envelope

(unframed 9"x12")

Price: $60.00

S&H: $15.00

Total: $75.00

Certificate of Authenticity

thumbnail_FBS Certificate 531515-120318.

1992 Buffalo Soldier Monument Dedication Souvenir brochure


FREE with purchase of Cathey Williams Female Buffalo Soldier Print

Bronze Coin Set w case.jpg

Buffalo Soldier


10th Cavalry



9th Cavalry



20191105_094611 (1).jpg


(Click on coins to enlarge)

Bronze Coin Set

(With Case)

Price: $50.00

S&H: $10.00

Total: $60.00

Payments by check should be made out to:

National 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association

Mail to:

C/O 9701 NW 73 Terrace

Weatherby lake, MO 64152

Contact dorMail Gallery, 117 Delaware, Downtown Leavenworth,  at 913-682-6373 for Dealer inquiries and Framing  costs

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