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Project Goal


 (We operate under the Tax Free umbrella of the National 9th and 10th (Horse) Cav Association.)


Celebrate the 6888th with $68.88, or whatever you can afford.

General Comments

While many are talking about removing monuments, we will continue what we have been doing for nearly 30 years-building monuments honoring African-American military units and individuals.

These include:

  • General Colin L. Powell

  • 2nd Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper - 1st Black West Point Graduate

  • 555th Parachute Infantry Company -1st Black Paratroopers

  • General Roscoe Robinson - 1st Black Army 4-star

  • Cathay Williams-  only known female Buffalo Soldier

  • $1.3 million Buffalo Soldier Horse and Rider Statue

Why This Monument

There are very few monuments to military women in this country, and even fewer to African American military women. This monument honors a group of ladies who departed the United States with no fanfare and returned home to no celebrations or parades. This monument, after nearly 75 years, honors their deeds, sacrifices and contributions, and helps to uncover another “hidden story” about African-American women. If anyone sent or received a letter or package to or from anyone, military or family member, stationed in the European Theater of Operations between 1943 and 1946 the Women of the 6888th probably touch it. The 6888th, though an Army WAC unit, sorted and distributed mail for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and other military units in the European Theater of Operational (ETO).

Historical Overview

The WWII 6888th was was the first and only all Black Female unit to be deployed overseas. The unit was active from 1945-1946 and consisted of 855 women under the Command of Major Charity Adams. Their nick name was the
Six-Triple Eight,and their motto was “No Mail, Low Morale.” Their initial training was at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. Their mission was to sort and distribute major backlogs of mail in Birmingham, England, Rouen, France and Paris, France. They arrived in England and was confronted with over a two-year backlog of mail in  very large aircraft hangar filled with mail bags from the floor to ceiling. The buildings had poor lighting and were cold, damp, and rat infested with broken windows. The army gave the unit six months to clear the backlog. Working 24-hours a day in three shifts with each shift sorting 65,000 pieces of mail.  They cleared the backlog of over 7 million pieces of mail in just three months. Some of the letters were addressed just to Junior, US Army, and 7,500 were addressed to Robert Smith.

Planned Dedication Date

Fall 2018

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